Some of my readers know me from my previous blog "My new life in Canada", which I ended for personal reasons in November 2014.
I decided to start a total new life in South America, close to where my story actually began. New experiences and challenges in the future, will surely cross my life here in Brazil. Since I'm a lazy writer, this blog is the solution to keep my family and friends around the world informed. Being more familiar with german, the greater part will be in that language. But I also promised to do so in english. Please have patience, I hope to improve from time to time.
November 2014 habe ich mein Blog "My new life in Canada" beendet. Grund dafür; ich werde Kanada verlassen und hier in Sao Paulo, Brasilien neu beginnen. Zu genüge werden sich Erlibnisse und Herausforderungen meinen Weg kreuzen. wer lust hat, kann mich hier im neuen Blog begleiten.

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Back To My Old Blog

Es geht weiter!
It goes on!

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